Kousei got included in some artwork that was done for Strike Force. Can you find him?

Reddit post with the original link and artist link:

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Expansion Announcement

Today at PAX South Arenanet announced the Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns expansion.

I’m in agreement with the video. I WANT THIS NOW!

Here are my notes from the announcement at PAX South.

  • No new gear tiers
  • Level 80 will stay the max level
  • A new mastery system for account based PvE progression. Mastery examples include hang gliding, zone specific combat abilities, and collection/crafting/building (precursor quests).
  • Class specializations for character progression. Specializations open up new weapons, new heal skills, new elites, new utilities, and new class mechanics. For example, a ranger can spec to be a druid and unlock the staff. Necros will also get access to the great sword through a spec. From analysis of the trailer it looks like Mesmer will get a shield and engineers will get a hammer as well.
  • A new heavy class: the Revenant. Channel and control the powers of the mists through “legends” of the mist. Legend examples include King Jalis and Mallyx. The announcement made it sound like they work like kits and will change skills depending on who you’re channeling.
  • WvW changes include a new borderlands maps. They mentioned it was going into the borderland map rotation so maybe we’ll get rotating maps!
  • WvW core changes to reward holding objectives.
  • Stronghold PvP game mode will introduce the GW2 version of GW1 GvG including guild teams and guild leaderboards.
  • New precursors and legendary weapons.
  • Guild halls
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How to Clear Your GW2 Cache

With every patch there comes the opportunity for files to get corrupted, left orphaned, etc.. For example, the Wintersday patch may have left Halloween files in your cache.

Steps on Windows 7 and 8:

  1. Exit Guild Wars 2
  2. Find your “Temp” folder. It will be at “C:\Users\{YourUserName}\AppData\Local\Temp” by default.
  3. Find your GW2 cache folder. It will be “gw2cache-{randomNumbersHere}”. (Well not so random but we won’t get into the details.)
  4. Delete this folder.
  5. Run Guild Wars 2

You can safely do this after every patch. Enjoy!

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Bandit Collection

The Bandit Weapons Specialist collection is new with the Echoes of the Past patch. If you haven’t done this yet, go grab it. The reward will get you a 20 slot bag, 500 luck, a Magic Find Booster, and a few other things. The best part is that if you have karma to blow, a low level character, some materials to spare, and 150 in weaponsmithing, artificer, and huntsman you’ll get this without spending a dime.

As usual, Dulfy has a guide so here’s the link:

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Rant: Living Story Hiatus

I subscribe to multiple podcasts and YouTube channels that discuss Guild Wars 2 and I’m kind of annoyed at how they’re portraying the Living Story’s hiatus.

Those of use that play WvW are very happy that ANET finally decided not to release content during a WvW Season. Yup. That’s right. During this so called “hiatus” there was a WvW Season yet none of the podcasts and/or channels have mentioned it. They’ve all mentioned their disappointment but none have actually realized why the hiatus happened.

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