FFBE Esper Guide

So I’m mostly doing this because I have rounded up a lot of information and I need a place to put it all!

Magicite Colors

  • None: Odin, Lakshmi, Bahamut
  • Black: Diabolos, Fenrir
  • Blue: Siren
  • Green: Tetra Sylphid
  • Orange: Golem, Titan
  • Red: Ifrit
  • Violet: Shiva, Fenrir
  • White: Carbuncle
  • Yellow: Ramuh

Ranked By Stat

Esper by stat ranked (best to worst):

  • ATK: Odin, Fenrir, Titan, Ifrit
  • DEF: Golem, Odin, Titan
  • MAG: Tetra Sylphid, Ramuh, Fenrir, Shiva, Diablos
  • SPR: Carbuncle, Lakshmi, Shiva

Information by Esper

The following is a section per esper with all of their specific information. NOTE: I’ve checked all of the “Ranked Skills” sections in a calculator to ensure you can get all of the selections.


Ranked Skills:

  1. Alluring Air
  2. Dispel
  3. Attack Song
  4. Defense Song
  5. Deshell
  6. Cleanse
  7. Water
  8. HP


Ranked Skills:

  1. Beast Killer
  2. Plant Killer
  3. Power Break
  4. Deprotect


Ranked Skills:

  1. Provoke
  2. Bug Killer / Stone Killer
  3. Stone
  4. Stonra


Ranked Skills:

  1. Imperil
  2. Faith
  3. Blizzara
  4. Deprotect
  5. Libra
  6. HP
  7. MP
  8. MAG
  9. SPR


Ranked Skills:

  1. Dispel
  2. Imperil
  3. Faith
  4. Deshell
  5. Deprotect
  6. Thundara
  7. MP
  8. MAG
  9. Libra
  10. Bio (dark)


Ranked Skills:

  1. Biora
  2. Osmose
  3. Demon-Killer / Man-Eater
  4. Mug
  5. Imperil
  6. Darkside
  7. MAG


Ranked Skills:

  1. Barblizzara / Barfira / Barthundara
  2. Dispel
  3. Deshell
  4. Deprotect
  5. Last Stand
  6. Cura


Ranked Skills:

  1. Fingersnap
  2. Dragon Killer / Undead Killer
  3. Lance
  4. Blade Blitz
  5. Nonpareil


Ranked Skills:

  1. Barstonra
  2. Stonra
  3. Tumult
  4. Emergency Regen
  5. Rock Buster
  6. Stone


Ranked Skills:

  1. Demonic Whisper
  2. Auto-Regen
  3. Cura
  4. Banish
  5. Libra

Tetra Sylphid

Ranked Skills:

  1. Bird Killer
  2. Baraerora
  3. Camouflage
  4. Wind Slash (physical) OR Aerora (magic) – can’t get both!!


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Coming soon…

Guide Updates

None at this time.



Rant: DPS Meters

I was worried about the toxicity of raids and the game in general when ANET decided to make DPS meters “legal” for players. I would have loved to be wrong. Unfortunately, I wasn’t.

Let me get this off my chest now: DPS doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know the mechanics of your class or the raid boss well enough to stay alive! This is the biggest issue I’ve seen with players and the current toxicity of the raid environment. I’ve personally seen players that can’t stay alive on Cairn and complain that someone else wasn’t hitting their DPS marks. This is on a boss with no reason other than speed to worry about DPS. Unfortunately, every raider friend I have in game has very similar stories and they’re not uncommon.

I understand that some players are good enough to make use of DPS meters. I’m talking about players and coordinated groups that have the mechanics down and are trying to improve their times only.  When the rest of the population that’s mostly PuG’n raids, they’re just a source of contention…

Guild Wars 2 Discord Emoji

Our guild moved to Discord a while back and when they added custom emoji support I put together this pack of icons for our server mainly from wiki icons. Some other admins I’ve talked to have had trouble finding the icons so I figured I’d release it for download here.

Download Link: https://1drv.ms/u/s!Ajp6LT3jOxooh3DImWud4lJ09l2S

Here’s what they look like on the Discord dark theme:



  • 22 Feb 2018 – Finally got around to adding PoF specs and the rest of the commander/catmander tags.