FFBE Esper Guide

So I’m mostly doing this because I have rounded up a lot of information and I need a place to put it all! Magicite Colors None: Odin, Lakshmi, Bahamut Black: Diabolos, Fenrir Blue: Siren, Leviathan Green: Tetra Sylphid, Leviathan Orange: Golem, Titan, Phoenix Red: Ifrit, Phoenix Violet: Shiva, Fenrir White: Carbuncle Yellow: Ramuh Ranked By Stat The following ranking will include 3 star espers. 3 star espers… Read More FFBE Esper Guide

Rant: DPS Meters

I was worried about the toxicity of raids and the game in general when ANET decided to make DPS meters “legal” for players. I would have loved to be wrong. Unfortunately, I wasn’t. Let me get this off my chest now: DPS doesn’t mean anything if you don’t know the mechanics of your class or… Read More Rant: DPS Meters